hi!!! can you post some ulzzang makeup? Like doe-eyed makeup, park sora makeup, Hana reum song lee makeup, etc hehehhe :))) thank you~~~~~


For now, this blog seems to have a lot of ulzzang tutorials (Her blog is in english and I don’t want to take anything without permission, so I’m only posting her link, sorry!)

Also, I would check way back in the archives like around Nov 2012 and etc. I think I posted most of the Ulzzang tutorials I found right when I first made this blog ^^; Of course, If I come across any new ones though, I’ll be sure to post them!(・0・)ゞ

Sorry for not being very helpful, I couldn’t really find any new ones out there when I looked…!! (≧≦)…m(_ _;m)

Wylona Hayashi inspired makeup (it’s in Thai)


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If you find something you think would fit this blog, please submit it!
I made this blog originally to be like a pin-board anyways ^^
And I don’t always have the time to update on my own…